Payment Gateway for NGO Website

Now days, you can instantly receive regular donations online from your donor(s) and well wisher(s). With a small investment you can put up your NGO activities on Internet and get financial contribution from any part of the world. 

1. Online Payment Gateway can be integrated with your active bank account. You do not need to open new bank account for this; you may use your existing bank account for payment gateway. 

2. Payment Gateway cost depends up on plan you choose One Time Set-up Cost, nominal annual fee and cost effective TDR.

3. Payment Gateway system can be integrated on your existing website or you can set-up new website for same.

In partnership with reputed payment solutions providers, Ozg is well equipped to offer you the best of solutions at unbeatable market rate.
  1. FREE Online Payment Gateway
  2. Consulting / Processing & Approval
  3. Website Integration
  4. Rental / Annual Subscription - fee depends on plan
  5. Payment Gateway AMC services
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